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Business Model

Altegya has understood the fundamental shift in the industry due to resource nationalism, and maturing industry resource base. The increasing demand of local capacities with high competencies has become a big issue. We in Altegya bridge this gap and assure your project success at budgeted cost.

We have built strong strategic partnerships or alliances with other leading suppliers to the Oil & Gas, Energy &Utility, Chemical Industries, Food & Pharma Industries and Automotive Industries leverage the benefits of global workforce. Our local representation in closer proximity to our customers’ headquarters allows us to serve their needs better.

Our business model clearly describes the rationale of how we create, deliver and capture values.

We have experience with various contract conditions ranging from fully reimbursable hourly rate contracts to lump sum contracts. Our secondment services allow us to support our client from single resource to a complete project team at any location in the world.

Our pragmatic approach, combined with years of experience, has established us as a preferred & reliable engineering partners for our customers.